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This summer has been fantastic at Never Summer Fitness! Thank you for your patronage and support as that enables us to continue providing you with top notch fitness guidance and programs as well as cutting edge fitness tools and equipment!

We have added the TRX RIP Trainer to our equipment selection, another TRX Suspension System (and we intend to add more so read ahead), and we continue to follow the latest research and development in the fitness industry, educating ourselves through continuing education seminars, workshops and courses.

We will be closing for our annual late summer break (gets later every year!) beginning on Saturday, August 25th-Sunday, September 16th, 2012 for fitness classes and from Saturday, August 25th- Sunday, September 9th, 2012 for personal training clients. Registration for the Fall Session begins on Monday, September 3rd, 2012 either on-line at www.neversummerfitness.com or in the studio.

Our Fall Schedule will remain similar to the current schedule, however, we do intend to add a Thursday, 8AM Weight Training Circuit. We offered this as a charitable donation to the cast of the RMRT this summer and feel it would be a good addition to our fall session offerings. Our hope is to offer full TRX Suspension System class formats as the fall progresses which should be a great way to get fit this fall.

Lastly, our quest to offer shower facilities is finally coming together. We will be leasing additional office space down the hallway from our studio and this will include a shower facility! Additionally, adding the office space will enable us to open up the space currently used for my office and we hope to add additional equipment such as a Pilates reformer, indoor group cycle power meter, and a Rower as revenues permit. Enjoy the rest of this session, get out and enjoy the remainder of this summer, be active and thank you again!
Aug 24: End of summer sessions.
Sept 3: Registration begins for 8-week Fall Session.
Aug 25 - Sept 9: Studio closed. No classes or personal training.
Sept 10 - Sept 16: Personal training only.
Sept 17: Start of 8-week Fall Session.
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As mentioned in our last newsletter, we have had every intention of adding a shower facility for those of you that need a convenient place to get ready for work, particularly in the early morning hours of the winter months. And, we have finally gotten those wheels in serious motion. The goal is to be able to offer the facility sometime in late September to early October.

This additional space will provide us with office and storage space desperately needed and for a more private environment to perform body compositions, girth measurements and hold consultations. Located on the same floor as the studio, at the end of the hallway, we will also have laundry facilities so we may continue offering towel service to you. We always have many plans in the works and appreciate your patience as these fall into place. We will keep you posted on our progress!
While no one piece of equipment does it all, and the TRX is no exception, it does offer unique training modalities and outcomes. We will be adding more TRX units this year and eventually will include a TRX Suspension class format into our class offerings. There are many exercises and stretches that are possible with this equipment which we do not have time to offer universally (i.e. many are performed with personal training clients only due to time constraints). Therefore, we will begin with a TRX workshop to help educate you on this equipment so that once we offer the class format; you will be ready to tackle it safely and effectively. More information to come, so stay tuned.
As in most small businesses, a huge chunk of the generated revenue is put right back into the business and ours is no different. And, to do business responsibly one must move forward carefully and cautiously. In the fitness industry it is common for businesses to fade away due to the high overhead, poor maintenance of equipment, below-standard services and lack of professionalism.

This is part of the reason why we have very slowly added new equipment and will continue to do so to protect the future of this business (we hope a long one!). That said, one of our long term goals has been to offer Pilates Reformer training and to add a rowing program which is a fantastic cardiovascular form of exercise to be utilized during group circuit training and personal training sessions. These are ambitious investments, so please continue to be patient as we build this business for each and every one of you.
We have had a great time using our Pull Up/Push Up Pro equipment, kettlebells and RIP Trainer this summer! However, we needed to add more kettlebells in order to use these in a group exercise environment so everyone has a set and those should be arriving this week. We have purchased heavier gauge tubing as well as you continue becoming stronger and need the challenge!
We had a great experience with the Cycling Fusion Winter Training Program in the beginning of 2012 and intend to offer this program again in 2013. We have chosen to use the archived program rather than the live broadcast as it provides us with more flexibility. There will be more information distributed regarding this incredible program beginning in October; however, if you did not take part in the program earlier this year, do not miss this opportunity. We intend to do the 12-week program, but break it up with a week in-between each four weeks so that everyone can have a life. The cost includes two fitness classes plus the four-hour Saturday morning sessions which is an amazing combination. Information will be distributed as we get closer to the end of the fall session 2012.
We have missed a few of you this summer and want you to know that while we have been swamped with business, we always notice when a client is absent. If you have fallen off the fitness track know that we are here and will welcome you back anytime. Please contact me with any questions or concerns—there is always a place for you at NSF.
In many health clubs around the world you pay to have your fitness level assessed, body composition measurements taken and submaximal heart rate tests performed. That is not the case with NSF so please take advantage of these value-added fitness progress tracking mechnisms. Without tracking your progress you are very likely to lose your way on your fitness journey. If you don’t know where you are, you cannot get where you want to go! There is a sign-up sheet on the front desk every week - we hope to see your name there soon.
Thank you so much for all of the referrals during this summer! Many of you have received your complimentary personal training sessions due to your wonderful referrals and we hope you have enjoyed those one-on-one opportunities as we certainly have providing those services to you.

Referrals are a win-win for all of us. A strong revenue stream keeps us in business so that we may continue to provide you with a workout home and the complimentary personal training sessions enable you to work on some exercise specifics which propels you toward fitness success!

Thank you again and keep those referrals coming!
This fall session we plan to begin offerring a refined focus for all clients regarding your exercise progress. As mentioned previously, tracking your progress is essential to long-term fitness success. In that vein, we will be providing you with in-studio tracking records for each training session. The content will include your heart rate during the session, caloric expenditure, distance covered (relevant in cycling classes), repetitions/sets completed, your subjective comments on the session, etc. Each tracking mechanism will be specific to the relevant class format so that it is meaningful data. You will each have your own file with our hope in the future to offer this tracking process on-line in the studio and in your home. The key to the success of this tracking program is for you to consistently record your results.

Over time, we will take the time with each of you to review these results and discuss your progress now and for the future. This is a huge undertaking for our business and we hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity to achieve your fitness goals.
We hope that you feel completely comfortable providing us with feedback anytime. While we distribute a feedback questionnaire annually, and compile that data and then modify our services according to your needs, we encourage you to provide constructive feedback anytime. While we cannot promise to make every change you request, we certainly will do our best to when possible. Email works great since you know our classes and sessions are generally back-to-back and is it challenging sometimes to grab my ear at the studio. Drop me a line anytime and let me help you fulfill your fitness needs.
Saturday classes, fitness workshops, complimentary rest/relaxation day, our next "Ride Across The Rockies" in-studio fitness challenge and our next client party later this fall.
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